Don’t Feed After Midnight is a UK-based food blog that focuses on easy and quick vegetarian recipes, meal prep and freezer-friendly meals.

I am a strong believer that you can make healthy and scrumptious meals even when you have little time to cook and I’m here to show you how to do just that.

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First launched in 2014, Don’t Feed After Midnight is where I share my love for vegetarian cooking.
With a little planning, cooking from scratch doesn’t have to be a chore. Not only does proper, real food taste better, but it also costs less and doesn’t usually take any longer to make.

With this in mind, here on the blog you will find:

Quick dinner recipes – 15, 30 and 45-minute meals with very little prep to help you whip up delicious midweek dinners with minimal fuss
Lunch meal prep tips & recipes – make-ahead healthy and exciting lunches, so that you never have to eat a sad-looking sandwich ever again
Freezer-friendly meals – “cook once, eat multiple times” recipes to learn to love your freezer

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, looking for recipes for Meatless Monday or simply wanting to discover new ways to eat more veggies, everybody’s welcome!

Veggie enchiladas with rice & pinto beans – ready in 30 minutes


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There are not many foods I don’t enjoy and I like to experiment with different flavour combinations and cuisines all the time.
However, my day-to-day cooking is mainly inspired by the two places I’ve called home over the years.

Having been brought up in Italy, my main cooking influence tends to be southern Italian cuisine and a lot of my recipes are in fact inspired by Mediterranean flavours – think tomatoes, olives, peppers, aubergines and basil, just to name a few. Those are the flavours I grew up with and I have very fond memories of being a small kid and watching my Grandma cook.

At the same time, living in Yorkshire has given me the opportunity to eat some of the very best Indian food you can have in the UK. As a result, I have developed a lot of love and interest in Indian cooking and curries are simply something I could never live without.