Healthy 30-minute Broccoli & Potato Soup

Healthy 30-minute Broccoli & Potato Soup

Happy Sunday! What are you all up to today? I’m not 100% sure yet. We’ve just finished having breakfast (it was blueberry pancakes using this tried and tested recipe) and now we’re just enjoying each other’s company after a very full-on week. I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions as such but one of my goals for this year is to just SLOW DOWN.

More often than not, I was finding that days were just passing me by and it was not a good feeling. So I’ve been making a more conscious effort to live in the moment (this includes putting my phone & laptop away a lot) and I can honestly say that I’m a lot happier as a result.

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So – today’s recipe – a quick and healthy Broccoli & Potato Soup.
When I mentioned I was having this to my friends, not everyone went “yum”, much to my disappointment. Only 1 out of 3. You know who you are. What’s wrong with you people?

In fact, every time broccoli is a topic of discussion (what else is there to talk about), these little green trees are very much an area of contention. So people either love them (I’m not joking when I say I could eat them every day) or would rather starve to death than take a bite. What team do you belong to?

I’m a proud member of “team broccoli” and I liked this soup so much that I had it 3 times this week with a cheese toastie thrown in for good measure.
You see, the husband was out for work a couple of evenings and Dinky doesn’t eat her main meals at home on nursery days. So it was just me on my tod and I just fancied something nice and easy to enjoy while watching Call The Midwife and browsing Pinterest. That’s how glamorous my evenings are but I wouldn’t change them for the world.

Making this soup couldn’t be easier. You start off by frying off some onion and celery, then you add the broccoli and potato, cover with stock and simmer until the vegetables are cooked through. Blend until smooth, season with salt and pepper and enjoy.

Assuming that you do like broccoli since you landed on this page, this quick and healthy Broccoli & Potato Soup is a great recipe for you to try especially if you’re looking for something easy to prepare for your lunches at work.

The quantities listed below make 6 generous portions and this soup can be frozen for up to 3 months. All you need is a couple of leak proof containers (after years of testing, I swear by Lock & Lock), a slice or two of my Homemade Focaccia and you’re good to go.

And whilst we’re on the subject, I have three quick tips for delicious homemade soup:

1. I know a lot of people like to make soup by putting all the ingredients in a pot, covering with stock and simmering until done. However, I like to start with a “base” of either onion, garlic or occasionally both (depending on the soup) gently fried in a little of olive oil and only then add the other ingredients and stock. This gives even the most basic soup more flavour and still keeps it healthy.

2. If using raw veg, never boil the life out of them. Cut your vegetables into small pieces and turn off the heat as soon as they’re cooked through.

3. Use good quality vegetable stock, it really does make all the difference. I used to think stock cubes were all created equal until one day I bought a pot of Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bouillon Powder. I just couldn’t believe what huge difference it made. At the moment, I’m using their vegan/reduced salt version but I can honestly recommend both. It can sometimes be difficult to find in supermarkets but thankfully Amazon stock big tubs which work out cheaper and will last a long time.


Prep Time: 10

Cook Time: 15

Yield: 6


Do you love broccoli as much as I do? Then this nutritious winter warmer is something you’ll want to eat over and over again.


1 tbsp olive oil
1 small onion, chopped
2 celery sticks, chopped
700g broccoli, cut into florets
300g potato, chopped
1.75 litre hot water and 1 1/2 tsbp bouillon powder (or 1.75 litre vegetable stock)
Sea salt and black pepper to taste
Chilli flakes (optional)


1. the oil in a large pan on medium heat, add the onion and celery and fry gently until softened, stirring regularly.

2.Add the broccoli and potato, pour in the water and add the bouillon power. Stir well to allow the powder to dissolve and simmer for about 15 minutes until the vegetables are tender.

3.Use a hand blender or tip into a food processor to blend until smooth. Taste, season if necessary and add a sprinkle of dried chilli flakes if you wish to give the soup a kick. Serve hot with crusty bread or homemade focaccia.


Suitable for vegans

This soup can be frozen for up to 3 months

Marigold Vegan Bouillon Powder is my absolute favourite as it’s tasty, made with completely natural ingredients and contains less salt compared to most stock cubes. It’s not always available from supermarkets but Amazon stock it – it works out cheaper and the big tub will last for ages.

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