FAQ - Don't Feed After Midnight

About my recipes & the blog

Can I use your recipe or photo on my website/blog or magazine?
I work really hard to develop new recipes and keep this blog running so please do not re-publish recipes, photos or tutorials in any electronic or print format without first getting in touch for approval.
However, I’m happy for people to share the love for vegetarian cooking so if you wish to link to a post on Don’t Feed After Midnight, you’re welcome to use one image from the post in conjunction with a link to the recipe on this blog.

Where do you get the inspiration for your recipes?
Flavours I grew up with, dishes I’ve tried when eating out, what vegetables are in season, magazines, cookbooks and other food blogs. Sometimes I simply experiment with whatever we have left in the fridge without a particular recipe in mind.

What theme does the blog use?
This blog uses a WordPress theme called SimpleMag. I love the minimalistic magazine style which I believe works really well in terms of making my food photos stand out. It provides lots of customisation options (everything from colours and fonts to page layouts and sliders) and it’s extremely easy to use. Plus it’s responsive and therefore works perfectly on mobiles and tablets.

About food photography

What camera do you use?
All my photos are taken using a 20.3MP Samsung NX1100 with a 20-50mm lens which has now been replaced on the market by the new 20.7MP Samsung NX2000.
I’m totally in love with this piece of kit: it works great with food photography but it’s also small enough to be taken on holiday. Plus it comes with built-in wi-fi allowing me to quickly transfer images to my mobile and tablet for instant sharing on social media.

Do you use any other type of equipment?
I also use a Hama Traveller Compact Pro tripod to keep the camera steady and a budget lighting set from Amazon (which includes 2 lights and 4 umbrellas – 2 white, 2 silver) for whenever the weather is rubbish or shooting in the evening.

Do you shoot in natural light?
Just like the vast majority of food bloggers and photographers, I love and prefer to shoot in natural light. However, good ol’ Yorkshire weather doesn’t always allow and that’s when the artificial lighting kit mentioned above comes out.

How did you get started with food photography and where do I start?
I don’t consider myself a food photographer and I’m certainly nowhere near as good as I’d like to be…yet!
All I can say is that learning how to use my camera in manual mode, gaining a good understanding of how a camera works and practicing a lot has made a huge difference.
My journey began when I purchased a book called Plate to Pixel: Digital Food Photography & Styling by Helene Dujardin. Bear in mind that at that stage I didn’t even know what shutter speed was and I’d never used my camera in manual mode, ever!
The book pretty much taught me all the photography basics I needed to get started and I remember sitting at the kitchen table one weekend applying the principles learnt from the book and taking photos of a bowl of strawberries.
After getting grips with manual settings on my camera, it was literally just practice, practice, practice. And that’s what I’m still doing these days as each recipe gives me a new opportunity to improve my photography.
Styling and composition can make all the difference but learning how to use your camera must be your starting point.

What food photography resources would you recommend?
Like I mentioned above, Plate to Pixel by Helene Dujardin is a book I would highly recommend to any budding food photographer as it includes everything from the basics of using the camera in manual mode to practical tips on lighting, composition and styling.
Likewise, Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots by Nicole S. Young and Food Photography for Bloggers: Focus on the Fundamentals are also two great resources for beginners.

About me

How long have you been vegetarian and why?
My husband and I became vegetarian in November 2013. Our decision was due to ethical reasons to begin with. After seeing some really upsetting videos on how animals in the food industry are treated, it was like our eyes had finally been opened. It wasn’t so much that we made a conscious effort not to eat meat (and fish!), we simply couldn’t anymore so, overall, it was an obvious and easy choice for us. After a few months, not only did we discover that we enjoyed every bite a lot more but we realised that we both felt a lot healthier, especially after reducing our consumption of eggs and dairy products.

Do you have a background in food?
Not at all! I’m simply really passionate about food and I have been playing in the kitchen since an early age.

How do I get in touch?
You can drop me a line using the contact form on this page and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

About advertising on Don’t Feed After Midnight

How can I advertise?
I’m happy to promote brands, products and services I like on Don’t Feed After Midnight, providing that they are in line with what my blog stands for and that they will be of interest to my audience.
Take a look at my About page to learn more about this blog first, then contact me about advertising opportunities.
Please note that my relationship with brands and organisations will always be disclosed.

Do you review products and cookbooks?
Yes, but only if I feel that your product or cookbook will be of interest to my readers. For any review opportunities, please e-mail me your ideas directly and I will get back to you as soon as possible.