24 healthy & tasty vegetarian lunch ideas

24 healthy & tasty vegetarian lunch ideas

We’re in the realm of lunch-bliss today.
A couple of years ago, before I took the decision to leave the 9-5, I used to be pretty rubbish when it came to bringing my own lunch to work. I would do it occasionally (mainly leftovers from the night before, something that I still do and highly recommend) but I’d also spend an absolute fortune on ready-made sandwiches and meal deals. I fondly remember an amazing falafel, hummus and carrot sandwich I used to get from a place called Out Of The Woods in Leeds (hello guys!!) that was worth every penny but, for the vast majority, my work lunches were hardly something to get excited about.

It was only when I started working mainly from home and, believe it or not, actually working longer hours than I used to in the 9-5 (but, between you and I, I’m having a lot more fun now!) that I realised that I needed to put a plan in place to keep myself well-nourished and avoid those afternoon energy dips that used to affect me all the time.

So that I hope will inspire you to start making more interesting work lunches.
All featured recipes can be prepared in advance and in large batches: all you need is a good leak-proof container for salads (I personally find Lock & Lock airtight containers the best) and a food flask to keep your soups warm (ideal if your office hasn’t got a microwave).
For sandwiches, wrap the bread in foil, transport the fillings in a separate container and assemble the lot at lunchtime to avoid a soggy sarnie.

Featured in the image:

Greek chickpea salad from Amuse Your Bouche
Falafel salad from Flourishing Foodie
Autumn couscous salad from Foodie Crush [vegan]
Wholewheat pasta with raw tomato sauce & rocket from Don’t Feed After Midnight [vegan]
Green energy salad from Yahoo Lifestyle [vegan]
Baby peas & cheese frittata from Family Fresh Cooking
Pimento-cheese sandwiches from Delish
Thai sweet potato & carrot soup from The Wanderlust Kitchen [vegan]
Sesame peanut noodles from Nigella [use wheat or rice noodles for vegan option]

The sandwiches

Loaded Mediterranean veggie sandwich

Loaded Mediterranean veggie sandwich from Layers Of Happiness (pictured above)
Aubergine & chickpea spread sandwiches from Voracious [vegan]
Pesto, tomato & mozzarella sandwich from The Pioneer Woman
Mashed chickpea salad sandwich from The Simple Veganista [vegan]
Baked falafel sandwich from Can You Stay For Dinner [vegan if you skip the crumbled feta]

The salads

Autumn three-bean salad

Autumn three-bean salad from Internet Cooking Princess [vegan] (pictured above)
Quinoa, asparagus, pea & lemon salad from Taming Twins
Brown and wild rice salad with dried cranberries from Delia Smith [vegan]
Morrocan carrot and chickpea salad from 101 Cookbooks
Autumn pasta salad from Big Girls Small Kitchen

The soups

Harissa spiced carrot soup recipe

Harissa spiced carrot soup from Don’t Feed After Midnight [vegan] (pictured above)
Black bean soup with sweet potatoes from Fine Cooking [skip the yogurt for vegan version]
Squash, coconut and chilli soup from Good Food Channel [vegan]
White bean & tarragon soup from Serious Eats [vegan]
Roasted red pepper soup from Simple Bites [swap chicken stock for veg stock and skip the garnish to veganise]

Do you have any suggestions for quick, healthy and delicious lunches that can be taken to work? Share your veggie inspiration by leaving a comment in the box below, thank you!

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