10 wonderful things to cook in February

10 wonderful things to cook in February

Oh hello February! You arrived so quickly I almost forgot to share my favourite recipes to try this month.
I must admit guys, the last couple of weeks have just been manic: you know when a billion and one things happen at once and you start wishing you could just take a break? Yup, that, but without going into detail too much, I’ve been thinking a lot and I have decided to dedicate more time to the things that ultimately make me happy and, yes, cooking and writing about food is one of my top priorities. So expect a lot more posts and inspiration here on the blog from now on!

In this month’s recipe round-up I have plenty of comfort food ideas for the whole family and deliciously easy recipes that will warm up your belly and make you feel amazing. Because that’s what good winter food is all about, isn’t it? Oh, and I also have an incredible homemade pizza recipe that will soon make you forget about ordering a takeout!

So here are 10 recipes that caught my eye in recent weeks and, as usual, if you wish to pin one of the recipes featured below, please do so from the original source.

Buon appetito!

The perfect breakfast for dinner

Simple Greek quinoa dinner omelette with feta & tzatziki from Half Baked Harvest

Greek quinoa omelette
Who says egg-based dishes are just for breakfast or brunch? This light and fluffy omelette is easy to prepare and loaded with yummy Mediterranean flavours. The perfect recipe to help us forget how flippin’ cold it is out there and get us thinking about the Summer sun!

The perfect winter salad

Winter panzanella salad from Dishing Up The Dirt [vegan]

Winter panzanella salad
If you’ve never had panzanella before, it’s basically a humble Italian salad which includes chunks of bread. It may sound a little weird but, trust me, it’s something to get seriously excited about.
A panzanella would traditionally be prepared with tomatoes, however, Andrea from Dishing Up The Dirt has put together the most amazing winter concoction using squash, sweet potatoes and sprouts, all dressed with a homemade balsamic dressing. Not your average boring salad!

The perfect hearty dinner

Roasted root vegetables with tomatoes & kale from Simply Recipes [vegan]

Roasted root vegetables with tomatoes & kale

With the weather being so cold out there, I couldn’t help but to include a belly warmer for the whole family in this month’s recipe round-up. Roasted root vegetables are always a winner in my books. Add some homemade tomato sauce and some kale and you have the perfect hearty one-bowl meal that’s rich in flavour and is good for you too.

The perfect way to use leftovers

Cheesy leftover mashed potato pancakes from Just A Taste

Potato pancakes

As a carb addict, I must admit that we rarely end up with leftover mash in this house. Having said that, after seeing this recipes, I’ll make sure we do have some left next time. How about fluffy potato pancakes with poached eggs for brunch at the weekend? I’m totally making myself hungry here and I’ve only just had breakfast!

The perfect bowl of soup

Vegetarian Thai peanut soup from Soup Addict [vegan]

Vegetarian Thai peanut soup

I am totally not adventurous when it comes to soup so I really love it when other bloggers come up with something that truly looks exciting, especially when it incorporates two of my favourite things: spices and noodles. Nourishing and filling, this is just the perfect soup to warm you up on a cold winter day.

The perfect satisfying side dish

Roasted cauliflower bites with spices, garlic & lemon from Cooking Melangery [vegan]

Spicy roasted cauliflower

Without a doubt, roasting cauliflower is the best way to enjoy this humble vegetable and trust me when I say that if you’ve never tried it before you really don’t know what you’re missing. Add some spice and it truly becomes one of the most amazing side dishes you could ever make (and, to be fair, something I’d happily munch on all day long!).

The perfect slow cooker curry

Crockpot red lentil curry from Pinch Of Yum [vegan]

Slow cooker red lentil curry

Love a good curry? Looking for new slow cooker recipes but can’t be bothered with the whole prep on the hob? Then I’m sure you’ll love this recipe on Pinch Of You. Throw all your ingredients in the slow cooker, let them cook together for 7-8 hours and come back home to a delicious curry that cost a fraction of a takeaway, tastes amazing and can be frozen too. A total winner.

The perfect comfort food

Butternut squash & spinach lasagna from Julia’s Album

Butternut squash & spinach lasagna

Pasta, cheese, butternut squash, spinach and a bit more cheese. Does it get any better than this when it comes to comfort food? The creamy squash and spinach fillings make it worth every second spent in the kitchen! A delicious variation to your usual tomato and vegetable combination.

The perfect snack

Rosemary spiced mixed nuts from Kitchen Konfidence [vegan]

Rosemary spiced mixed nuts

I’ve been working longer hours since after the Christmas holidays and I find myself snacking more often than I used to. Fresh fruit is generally my go-to food when I need a mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up, however, I’ve promised myself I’ll widen my horizons a little when it comes to snacking and this homemade nut mix just ticks all the boxes. Tasty, fuss-free and they keep for a few days in a sealed container.

The perfect recipe for the weekend

Brussels sprout, mushroom & crème fraiche pizza from Veggie & The Beast

Brussels sprout, mushroom & crème fraiche pizza

I don’t know about you but we’re still recovering from the expenses we incurred during the Christmas holidays! As a result, eating out is not something we’re doing often at the moment. So this is the perfect time to experiment with new “fakeaways” – the ingredient list is short but the flavours are bold and wholesome.
I know some of you still feel a little nervous about making pizza from scratch but, trust me, it is so so worth it. I will try and put together a step-by-step tutorial soon, I promise.

So what do you think about this month’s picks?
Will you be giving any of these recipes a try?

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