10 wonderful things to cook in December

10 wonderful things to cook in December

Happy December everyone! I just cannot believe it’ll be Christmas in just over 3 weeks – where is time going?

I have lots of recipes in store for you in the run up to Christmas (you can already check out my 25 delicious vegetarian party food ideas I posted last week), but this morning I’ve decided to introduce a new regular feature here on the blog that I hope will inspire you to try something new every month.

So we’re talking about everyday recipes. Where does your inspiration to feed your family comes from? With me it’s generally blogs and websites so at the beginning of every month I will be posting 10 recipes that caught my eye and I’m planning to try out.

From a fragrant and spicy curry to a simple and scrummy savoury breakfast idea, for me December is all about rich and warming flavours. Take a look at what’s on my radar and, if you use Pinterest to collect your favourite recipes, don’t forget to pin from the original source.

Meal planning has never been more delicious!

The perfect mid-week pasta bake

Caprese mac & cheese from Simply Delicious

Caprese mac & cheese

A yummy and simple Mediterranean twist on the traditional mac and cheese with sweet fresh tomatoes and basil pesto. I can seriously see this becoming a classic in our home!

The perfect healthy but tasty snack

Mini avocado & hummus quesadillas from Cookin’ Canuck

Mini avocado & hummus quesadillas

With my Avocado & dill cream cheese bagels being the most popular recipe on the blog at the moment, I’m sure all avocado lovers like myself will appreciate this healthy but super tasty snack.
There’s a problem though: how do I stop myself from eating all of them in one sitting? Dangerous stuff!

The perfect belly warmer

Mushroom masala from Cook Republic [vegan]

Mushroom masala

Curry, love of my life! I’ve been drooling over this mushroom curry since spotting it on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and sharing it on my Facebook page. Mushrooms may not be a traditional Indian vegetable but they just work beautifully – they absorb the fragrant and spicy flavours of a curry sauce so well and the texture if just incredible. I can seriously see myself getting addicted to this!

The perfect & simple side dish

Rosemary & garlic hasselback potatoes from Feasting At Home [vegan]

Rosemary & garlic hasselback potatoes

There may be a billion recipes for hasselback potatoes out there but, believe it or not, I still haven’t tried them. I love the simplicity of this dish and the combination of rosemary and garlic reminds me of the Italian food I’ve grown up with!

The perfect hearty soup

Chickpea tomato minestrone from Kitchen Daily [vegan]

Chickpea tomato minestrone

A fantastic easy and filling soup recipe to satisfy those cravings for comfort food but keeping it healthy at the same time. Serve with warm crusty bread for the perfect one-bowl meal on a cold and rainy day.

The perfect savoury breakfast

Mushroom bruschetta with balsamic & thyme from RecipeTin Eats [vegan]

Mushroom bruschetta with balsamic & thyme

When it comes to the first meal of the day, I am totally boring with my breakfast generally consisting of yogurt and granola or almond/hazelnut milk and muesli.
This super simple mushroom bruschetta reminded me of how much I love a good savoury breakfast (with mushrooms or avocado being the star of the show) and it’s on my list of things to try at the weekend.

The perfect vegan burger

Smoky sweet potato burgers from Forks Over Knives [vegan]

Smoky sweet potato burgers

I’m always on the lookout for tasty bean burger recipes and these vegan smoky-sweet-spicy burgers just tick all the boxes for me. Plus I’m dying to try an ingredient which is totally new to me, liquid smoke, which I don’t believe I have seen at the supermarket before but I have just spotted on Amazon!

The perfect Winter salad

Caramelised butternut squash quinoa salad with goat cheese & roasted grapes from The Housewife In Training Files

Caramelised butternut squash quinoa salad with goat cheese & roasted grapes

If you spotted my recipe for Butternut squash, rocket & avocado salad with balsamic glaze, then you will know that these days I seem to be unable to leave the supermarket without a squash in my basket. Plus I’m totally intrigued by the roasted grapes in this recipe – I’m really not a fan of raisins but I’d definitely give these a shot!
This recipe calls for chicken broth but I’m sure vegetable stock will work just as well!

The perfect savoury pie

Brussels sprouts & baby greens feta pie from Kitchen Confidante

Brussels sprouts & baby greens feta pie

Never mind Christmas. Brussels sprouts are the best thing about December. Fact.
This recipe has had me totally excited as I’ve never tried sprouts in a pie and the whole combination of flavours sounds like a match made in heaven. Aside from the bacon of course which is easy to skip. I’m thinking of making this for dinner one evening and enjoying the leftovers the following day with a nice green salad. Assuming there are any leftovers at all!

The perfect one bowl meal

Rapini noodle bowl from A House In The Hills [vegan]

Rapini noodle bowl

If I had to choose which foods I could never ever live without, noodles would have to be in that list (together with mushrooms and curries) so this recipe is right up my street, especially given that rapini, which can be replaced with tenderstem broccoli, are one of my favourite vegetables to enjoy in a stir fry. The simple sesame oil, tamari (a Japanese type of soy sauce with little or no wheat), mirin (a type of Japanese rice wine) and garlic is also a keeper for other stir-fries!

Have you spotted anything that takes your fancy?
What recipes are you planning to try in the next couple of weeks?

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    Oh, boy. All your suggestions look scrumptious! I’ll start with the lovely quinoa salad and work my way through :)

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