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About Don't Feed After MidnightHello and thanks for stopping by! I’m Sara and I do all the cooking, blogging and photography here at Don’t Feed After Midnight.

Don’t Feed After Midnight is a food blog that focuses on vegetarian cooking and my little corner of the web where I share my love for real food and fresh, healthy and seasonal ingredients.
“What do you eat?” is something I’ve been asked very often since deciding to go veggie in November 2013 so I guess this blog pretty much sums up what goes on in my kitchen!
I’ve been passionate about food and cooking since I was little and this blog gives me the perfect opportunity to inspire others to ditch microwave-meals and processed food and start having fun in the kitchen.
In the past, home cooking was the norm. Yet somehow we seem to have lost touch with our cooking roots and have turned to packaged and convenience foods instead.
I share everyday recipes that are not only delicious, but are also easy to make and use common, readily-available ingredients hoping that my readers will feel inspired to whip up something nutritious for themselves and their loved ones.

Although animal welfare is a subject close to my heart, I have personally found that showing people how amazing vegetarian cooking can be is often more effective and productive than talking about what happens behind the closed doors of slaughterhouses. Therefore I have decided to keep the blog politics and lecture free and focus on the cooking instead.

So whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, looking for recipes for Meatless Monday or simply wanting to discover new ways to eat more veggies, everybody’s welcome!

My cooking style & influences

I am a food explorer so I like to experiment with different flavour combinations all the time. However, having been brought up in Italy, my main cooking influence tends to be southern Italian cuisine and a lot of my recipes are in fact inspired by Mediterranean flavours.
After many years living in Yorkshire, I have also developed a lot of love and interest in Indian cooking and curries are simply something I could never live without.
My favourite foods are mushrooms, risotto, noodles, puy lentils, couscous and spicy food so expect plenty of these when you browse through my recipes.

The blogger behind the blog

I’m a 30-something Italian expat and I run this food blog from a little village in Yorkshire, UK, where I live with my husband and my three cats Odin, Cleo and Ozzy.

Although cooking and blogging takes up a lot of my time and sometimes feels like my full time career, I also work as a freelance online marketing consultant for the fashion industry.

I adore books, cats, travelling, art, black coffee, all things quirky, music, making lists, psychology, stationery, vintage & retro dresses, interior design, lipstick, feather boas, curious people, the smell of coconut, technology, snorkelling, surprises, bubble baths, snow, sci-fi, dinner parties, going to the theatre, 80s movies, handbags, local markets, museums, black pens, Oscar Wilde, making the people I love feel special.

I dislike doing things just because you have to, cucumbers, ignorance, people who try to shove religion down my throat, locusts, raisins, people who sniffle instead of just blowing their nose, commuting in the morning, over ripe bananas, people who can’t spell, cupcakes, unloading the dishwasher, girls begging for attention, Toddlers and Tiaras, people willing to do anything for a promotion or pay rise.